Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

Conditions* Pediatric Acute Care Emergency Dept
Allergies X
Allergic reaction X
Asthma attack (no difficulty breathing) X
Asthma attack (difficulty breathing) X
Broken bone (not through the skin) X
Broken bone (through the skin) X
Burn (minor) X
Burn (electrical, acid or involving the eye) X
Cold X
Cough X
Cut (minor, but needs mending) X
Cut (with bleeding that will not stop and/or involving the lip, eyebrow or hair line) X
Diarrhea X
Earache X
Ear infection X
Ear Wax impaction X
Fainting X
Fever (under 3months of age) X
Fever (over 3months of age) X
Flu X
Head Injury (no loss of consciousness) X
Head Injury (loss of consciousness) X
Pink eye X
Pneumonia (no difficulty breathing) X
Pneumonia (difficulty breathing) X
Poisoning X
Rash X
Seizure X
Sinus infection X
Sore throat X
Sports physical X
Sprain X
Swallowed object (no problems swallowing) X
Swallowed object (problems swallowing) X
Swimmer's ear X
Urinary tract infection X
Vomiting X
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